Friday, July 04, 2008

Meet Zimo

Zimo will soon be the newest addition to our family. We rescued him from TN. He will soon be making the long trip to the North East and we pick him up next Saturday. He is a 3 month old lab mix. We are in love and can't wait to meet him. His given name is Winston but the kids made up Zimo and so it will be.

These pictures were taken by the shelter in TN where he is now. It has been a long hard search for us to find the right dog. It feels really good to be helping this little guy out.


no-blog-rachel said...

Zimo - so cute! What a face. He's coming into a good family.

Sharpshooter said...

He's a lucky dog!
Can't wait to meet him!

Nuclear Mom said...

Love the name! How wonderful!

We have our phone interview for a rescue dog tonight.