Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last night was amazing. I went with my friend Kyler to see the Sex and the City Movie downtown. I was a late bloomer to the show. We have never had cable that gives us HBO so the year I was pregnant with sal 2004-2005 we Netflixed the entire run of the show. Start to finish. I loved it. Needless to say I was excited to see the movie. Now this isn't any kind of Oscar nod movie or anything but it isn't trying to be. It was a perfect slice of escapism that I needed in my life at that moment.

Being home with my kids full time I seldom get a break. I was giddy all day yesterday knowing I was going to be picked up at 6:00. JB was coming home from work early so I had dinner ready for 5:30 and I was out the door at 6:00. I put on a cute summer dress and jumped in the car with a smile on my face knowing I would be free of dishes, dinner clean up and all bed time routines.

The movie was what I expected. Predictable but fun. The fashions were fabulous and I laughed a lot. It was light and refreshing with themes of forgiveness and friendship thrown in.

I came home with a skip in my step. JB and I enjoyed a beer on the deck while enjoying the cooler evening air. I felt free for a moment and it was delightful.

Kyler and I made plans to see Mama Mia when it comes out. I am already counting down the days.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I really want to see it! Glad to get the thumbs up.

And I totally understand the giddiness that comes with going out and doing something fun without the kids every now and then.