Friday, February 01, 2008

Enzo is reading!

He started a few months ago and has been progressing so much. In this picture he is actually reading this book to his little brother. It was honestly the most heart warming thing I have ever seen. He is in a multi age classroom. It is kindergarten and 1st graders mixed. He is in Kindergarten. I believe so strongly now in multi age classrooms for early education. It allows the children to get support regardless of their abilities. JB and I are both big readers so hearing him read for the first time was a wonderful milestone. We have been reading to him since birth. I can see the pride he now takes in being able to sit with a book and read it himself. We still read to him on a daily basis but we make sure he takes some time each day to practice reading on his own as well.


Nuclear Mom said...

Awww! How heartwarming! So neat.

Leif's classroom is multi-age and for the most part I think it is a really good idea and I like the concept that the older kids teach the younger kids and by doing so they learn the material better too. Then there are those other days when the "big kids" seem SO big to me and teach Leif things I didn't think we would hear come out of his mouth until MUCH later! ;-)

rockergirrl said...

I can see your point. Enzo entered kindergarten at age 6 so he was in the middle of everyone. I might have felt different if he was a young 5 like some of the others.