Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday is Pie Day

Pizza pie that is. Having pizza on Friday for dinner is a tradition JB and I have done since before having children. Back in the day though we ordered out for pizza every Friday. Even after Enzo was born we were able to keep this tradition going. Once the second child was born and I stopped working we had to cut out things like going out for dinner and ordering pizza. So I started buying store bought dough and making our own pizza. I have recently moved to making my own pizza dough each week now and I am loving it. It takes a bit more time and there are some days where I wish I could just pick up the phone and call my order in, but I love the process of making the dough fresh each week. There is nothing like the taste of homemade dough. This is now one of the reasons I love Fridays. I love that it is the beginning of the weekend, I love making my pizza dough, I love happy hour, I love watching a movie in the evening with JB.

Hooray for Fridays!

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Nuclear Mom said...

So cool! I love homemade pizza. As a kid we used to do it fairly often and it never tasted that great, but just the process of doing it and selecting your own toppings was so cool.

One of the local grocery stores does fresh pizza dough that is fantastic. When we go there for something in particular we ALWAYS grab a bag of dough to make pizza that night or the next.

(I suck at making yeasted items.)