Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got Art?

It has been a shock to my system this year to find out how little art has to do with my son's education now that he is in public school. Art class is once a week. Music class is once a week. Math and reading are every day. Now don't get me wrong. I understand the importance of math and reading. I love the fact that my child is reading at the level he is as a Kindergartner. I however also feel that art and music play as much of an important role in the primary education. I believe at the kindergarten level at least art should be a daily part of their learning. Basically what I have seen is that since kindergarten is public in my state they begin to follow the rigid rules public schools must follow which is teach to test.

Enzo not brought home one piece of artwork or any kind of summary or updates as to what they are learning about in art so far this year. Now to someone like me who lives and breaths the arts this is a big deal. When I asked his teacher I was told there is an art show at the end of the year and we are then given a portfolio of his work. This is great and all but to me art is not a side subject that I only care about seeing once a year. What Enzo creates and brings home in art is just as important to me as the weekly math and reading homework and projects he brings home. In order to get a full education I believe there needs more balance. It is unfortunate that in order to get an education richer in the arts I have to have a lot of money for a private school Why is it only those with more money have access to more choices?

I am keeping my fingers crossed about possible magnet schools being developed here. One of which would be more art based. I am not holding my breath though. I am sure my children will be well out of elementary school by the time it becomes available.

I just keep hoping and praying the No Child Left Behind Act will be revised and or demolished.


Nuclear Mom said...

Art and music only once a day in kindergarten? That sounds just way off. I remember doing art and music daily in kindergarten.

When I was older (like 2nd or 3rd grade), it was only once a week and I SO looked forward to art class every week and wanted it more often. (And I was a math kid.) Music I didn't care about since I didn't like my teacher AT ALL, but that was personal preference!

rockergirrl said...

Once a week. They only have art and music once a week. I think that is what you meant nuclear mom right?

Nuclear Mom said...

Yes. I meant to type that I couldn't believe they only had it once a week and how off that sounded. It SHOULD be once a day!