Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm going on a vacation!

Well sort of. Due to many reasons we usually don't get to take a vacation. The last one we took was about 3 years ago when Enzo was much smaller. We went over to the White Mountains in NH camped for one night and took him to StoryLand. Then we packed up the car and headed to Maine for a few days of camping there. It was fun but too much driving and not enough relaxing.

This time we are heading back to to the White Mountains to go to StoryLand again. If you have never been there it is an amazing place for families. It is a small family style park with more of a storyland theme. It is a very clean and well organized park. They even have what they call Mama Houses. from their website: "Our Mama's Houses are designed to provide peace, quiet, and privacy for nursing mothers and their babies. Each Mama's House has rocking chairs and diaper changing stations in shaded comfort." that rocks!

I grew up camping with my family in the White Mountains for two weeks every summer. I have never known any other kind of vacation. We stayed in tents that my father made. I wish my family was ready for tent camping but we just don't have the equipment yet or the vehicle to cart it all in. This year I found some very affordable cottages to rent. A separate bedroom to stick the kids in, a kitchen, living room with another bed for us to sleep in and a screened in porch. The cottage sits right next to a brook. It is a half hour drive to Storyland and close to lots of other White Mountain attractions. It costs more than camping but less than a hotel. We are only staying for three nights but it will be so much fun. I have to wait a while though before we can go. boo-hoo. JB's job is insane in the summer.

I am just so happy I can actually dream about getting away - even if it is only for three nights.

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