Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flooded basement

Last night JB through in a load of laundry around 7:00pm. Our washer is in the basement. We went about our evening and around 10:30pm I was washing up for bed when I could hear water from the bathroom. I went out to ask JB if he had put more laundry in since the last load. We opened up the basement door and found our 600+ square foot basement completely covered in 6 inches of water. I completely freaked out. We have boxes and boxes of personal items down there plus our old G3 computer plugged in on the floor with many other extension cords. The washer apparently never stopped filling up and instead filled our basement while we sat upstairs having no clue.

So at 12:30 in the morning our new best friend Bill from ServePro came and installed a pump. He came back this morning with two industrial sized dehumidifiers and 5 huge fans. The place is a mess. I lost a trunk full of things I had been saving since middle school, old journals, pictures, books etc. My poor guitar was saturated as well. I have been an emotional wreck all day. I know I am extremely lucky compared to what so many other people around the world have had to deal with when it comes to personal loses but man does it still sting. I know they are just things but it hurts like hell. We have a lot of work cut out for us and having no one to watch our kids for us it is going to take triple the time. So much has to just be thrown out. I am emotionally and physically drained today. But everyone is safe and that is all that really matters.

My poor guitar and a floating box. This was my studio
Thank goodness the heater stayed dry since we are getting winter weather again.
Note the water mark on the blue trunk. Everything inside was soaked. My old journals are now just blobs of ink. I wonder if the monster G3 beside it will still work.
Our new best friend Bill pumping out the water at 12:30 in the morning. Thanks Bill!

sigh . . . cracking open a beer now.


Nuclear Mom said...

Oh how awful!! I am so sorry to hear this. Just really sucks, no two ways about it.

Stacie said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you are able to get it cleaned up very soon without too many losses. Did you figure out what caused the washer to keep filling up? One time in our old apartment I went down into the basement to find that it was flooded and I thought something was wrong with the washer like that so so I turned it back on to see and realized that it wasn't the washer after all, but a sewer overflow pipe backing up so water and sewage was going everywhere. Luckily for us we were just renting so the poor landlord had to deal with it, and we didn't have anything stored down there so there were no losses. It was just an inconvenience for us. It turned out that the line to the town sewage lines was clogged with roots. What a mess! Anyway, I don't see any crap floating around in your pictures so I hope that isn't the case. You could try stacking your things on pallets from now on just in case it ever happens again. Good luck!