Monday, August 07, 2006

A trip to the islands

We took a trip to the islands this weekend and stayed in a rustic cabin. Sounds fancy huh? Well in reality it was the Champlain Islands and the "rustic" cabin was in a RV park. The cabin was rustic in the sense that it was just one room with a double bed and a bunkbed, a small front porch with a swing (bonus) but other than that our view was of weekend trailers and seasonal RVs. I didn't care though. I decided last week I needed a quick getaway and that is just about all you can find around here in August at the last minute. They had a pool which was just lovely after getting a leach on my leg swimming in our lake a few weeks ago. The kids loved it. Enzo's highlights were staying up late to roast marshmallows and look at the stars and sleeping on the top bunk of the bunkbed.

The highlights for me were swimming in a pool and sitting by the fire with John having a few beers after the kids went to bed. It was nice to have no tv or computers around. Oh and best of all there were no bugs. Not one mosquito in site. The first night we ended up going out for pizza because we couldn't get our campstove to work. Yes we forgot to check it before we left. The second night I made a makeshift stove over the fire pit and cooked soydogs and baked beans.

I grew up camping with my family for two weeks every summer so I am picky about where I camp now. Nothing I find can compare the campground we went to each year. We were a tent family so being in this RV park was a bit of a shock to my system but I was able to get through it. I had to realize my ideals were not what mattered this weekend. It was watching Enzo stare up at the sky in amazement and watch his tired eyes try to focus on roasting just one last marshmallow.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Sounds wonderful! I am jealous! We need a vacation bad.