Sunday, August 20, 2006

My rant of the day

First of all I want to start this post by saying I am not by any means saying that parenting is easy or that I have not had my bad days. Believe me I have them all the time. Having children is one of the hardest and most challenging things in the world. That being said I just have to bitch about something -

Why do people have babies and then freak out when they act like babies?

Here are some facts in case you don't know this yet:

1. Babies typically do not sleep well at night for at least (at least) the first year of life. It sucks and most of us have gone through it but they just simply do not. Why why why do we try to "train" a baby to sleep when all they are trying to do is have their basics needs met?

2. A young baby is not manipulating you by crying so you will come into their room. Do you really think they have the thought capacity to say to themselves "self, if I cry they will come." I'm sorry but they don't. You are not teaching them anything by letting them cry it out. You are not teaching them to go to sleep. All you are teaching them is that when they cry and need something you do not go to them. They stop crying at night not because you have taught them a wonderful lesson but because they have given up. You have not taught them how to sleep through the night you taught them that crying for you attention won't do anything.

3. You cannot spoil a baby. A baby who needs to be held more will not be ruined by you holding her.

ok I am done ranting for now.

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