Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weather girl

Summer is not almost over. I am sick of people saying it is. Today is August 1st. We have an entire month left. Everyone lives so far in the future it makes me sick. With back to school supplies hitting the stores already it is hard not too. I feel like it just started getting warm - hot in fact so I am so not ready for fall clothing. Where are all the frickin' tank tops. Bring them back out people. Summer is far from over.

Plus have you heard? September is the new August. This is what I tell everyone anyway. Depending on where you live you may or may not relate to this but where I am living the seasons have changed. The weather patterns of the months have been changing ever so slightly the past few years. This year is has become crystal clear to me though. September is the new August. I am right. Just think about it. April felt like March, May felt like April, June felt like May and July started off feeling like June but it did start to get much warmer mid month. The warm weather will continue into August but it won't stop there. September is no longer the sweater weather month it used to be. Oh no I guarantee that your sweaters will still be in your closet and you will be thanking me that I told you this secret news.


Nuclear Mom said...

Ha! You are so right. I remember as a kid, September was relatively cool and we actually used to get snow in September. Now August is the hottest month.

Given all this, why oh why does school start in mid-August now? The school year is going the opposite direction.

Shannon said...

Try living here in the south where the humidity is absolutely horrendous!

nacho said...

My parents will be psyched though! They're coming up from the south to visit in September and are fretting about "the cold"...i just hope they won't be bitching about the lack of air conditioning instead.