Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holiday update

Week three (or is it 4) staying home full time with the kiddies. It is going a bit smoother. I realized after getting a plugged duct the second week that I need to slow down a bit and not cart the kids around every single day. We need chill out days at home. JB went away for a few days the second week and that really threw me for a loop. I NEVER thought I could get two kids to bed by myself. I was wrong. Not only did I do it but they were both in bed and sleeping by 7:30. Super mom! I feel like I am kind of getting into the swing of things. It has helped having new toys in the house for E to play with. We have had a mellow week of sticking around the house. The weather has been warm so we have been able to get outside every day.

Christmas was wonderful. E was so excited this year. His wish list included a pirate ship, a castle and a new cash register. He was very pleased to get all three. My parents came up for the weekend. It was great to see them. I asked E what his favorite part of Christmas was this year. His answer just made my heart melt. He said, "being able to play with Mimi and Grampa." That's my boy.

We are one day away from becoming homeowners. We decided to finally buy the house we have been renting for the past 4 years. Tomorrow we close. I cannot believe it. I never thought this would happen. I will be more excited on New Years Eve. It will be a great reason to celebrate.

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