Monday, October 17, 2005


Two jobs? What was I talking about in the last post? I really have three jobs right now. My jewelry biz is keeping me super busy. After bedtime is over I pull out my beads and start creating. It is becoming my nighttime ritual. I have been able to bust out 2-5 pieces a night depending on how fried my brain is from the day. The creating part is the most fun. After that I have to log all the info about each piece and in the morning I photograph each one and get them up on my website. It is a lot of work but worth it for sure. The problem is that I should also be studying at night for my Childbirth Education classes but I have been ignoring that so far. I need to set up a schedule so that certain nights I make jewelry and certain nights I study. I guess it would be good to stick in a night or two of not doing anything. Yes that would be nice for sure.

I had so many fears about quitting my job and now I just can't wait to get it off my back. I finally feel I have found my calling. Between the jewelry and the childbirth classes for the first time in my life I know this is my track. My friend was discussing this on another blog. The career I am ending right now was where I was meant to be for those 9 years. No doubt about that. That company help mold me into who I am today. Heck I wouldn't have met my husband if it hadn't sent me West for a few years. Change is sometimes needed though and I think everyone has that feeling in their gut when it is time. For me it is now. I need to jump right in and embrace this new journey of motherhood and independent entrepreneur.

I have been making jewelry since highschool - on and off throughout the years. Never serious though. I started it up again a few years ago. I sold a few pieces here and there to friends at work and family members. Over the past two years I have learned so much and grown my craft. I still sell mainly to friends and family but word of mouth is finally growing beyond them. The holidays are busy for me so I am working like mad every night right now to get a good inventory set up.

I have set myself a personal goal to be finished with my Childbirth education program by next summer. Ha - not sure about that after having a new baby this summer but we will see.

Art and Birth, Birth and Art. My new passions.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Do you have lots of corporate type offices out there? Here most companies require that we all wear badges around our necks with ID and prox card access cards. Which means we have to have something around our necks. A few women around here make and sell beaded badge holders. Kind of like a long necklace with a key chain holder to attach things. I bought a beaded one for $12 from a woman and it was a nice change and everyone asked me where I got it. Word is she was selling a ton. But I would be happy to photograph what I use right now and e-mail it to you to show what I mean. A few big companies here (including mine) allow people to come in and sell onsite on specific days. They call it "marketplace day". This is something you might look into. Or if you know someone who might work in a place like this, give them a sample with a few business cards (easy to make up on the computer) to hand out to people interested in them.