Wednesday, October 26, 2005

House of sickies

I have been sick and it sucks. Sal has been sick and that sucks even more. I think one of the biggest challenges to being a parent is when the family gets sick. Monday I was home with both kids. Sal and I were super sick. Enzo was not. I think Enzo watched more TV than he has ever seen in his life becasue Sal and I were just stuck together in sickness and could not move. These are the times it is really really hard to not have any family around to help out. Today Sal and I are feeling better but I have this strange feeling Enzo is getting it next. I think we got it from a playdate we had last week. People please - if your kids are sick - don't bring them to my house. I really don't need your snotty kids around my baby. Why do people do this? No warnings at all. It drives me nuts.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Leif brought a cold home from daycare and now Hans and I have it. I hate being sick. It does really suck. I feel your pain.