Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Public School NOT Government School

So I pick my 6 year old up at school yesterday and he tells me he has been wearing his jacket all day. When I asked him why he told me that he kept forgetting to take it off. That he meant to after recess but they had to go into another classroom, then he meant to but it was time for lunch and so on. He said he was hot but he just felt like there was never time to take it off. I know the kids are supposed to be learning independence at school and the teachers cannot fuss over them like in preschool but I just thought perhaps the teacher could have asked him if he wanted to take off his jacket?

I ended up speaking to the teacher about it because I felt like it was just one of many things I have noticed since he started. There have been many things like this where he seems to be having a hard time remembering all that needs to come home each day, his super late lunch (1pm like I posted about earlier) and in general just getting used to a more rigid schedule.

The teacher was very receptive and felt bad that he was hot all day and felt like he didn't have time to stop and take off his jacket. What was very disheartening however was how she said that she even feels their schedules are so full this year and she even thinks they just go from one thing to another without having much breathing space. She explained how there is just so much they are supposed to fit into one day.

I left with a sad heart. There just seems to be no hope. These teachers don't want to teach like this. This time of schedule is not good for children. Yet our hands are tied. The teachers have to do what they are told. There is no flexibility. There is no hope to even work the the schools because parents, teachers do not run the schools now. The federal government does. And if they don't do what the federal government says they lose their funding. This is bull crap.

I want the schools to be state run again. If we are paying tax money to these schools I think the parents, teachers and state officials should be the ones who decide what is best for their local schools. There has go to be a better way. There has got to be a way to influence government officials to not renew the No Child Left Behind Act or at least alter it greatly. I urge you to read all you can about his act. I was floored when I actually read through all the actual text of it. There is a lot in there that might surprise you. Educate yourselves and get in touch with your local government officials. I contacted mine yesterday.

These are public schools we are talking about. Public schools that we all pay for. They are not and should not be run by the federal government.


Jenny said...


I am a friend of Ky's and think I have met you before. I saw you at Jake's fall bash this past weekend, but it was crazy and I couldnt' get over to say hi. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog!

rockergirrl said...

Thanks Jenny. Sorry we missed each other at the party. It was so hard to be able to talk to everyone there. Thanks for reading.

Nuclear Mom said...

Poor hot little boy!

Now at Montessori though, that would be a "learning experience". ;) They have let Leif go outside without a jacket because he didn't want to put it on, all in the name of learning independence and consequences of your actions. We were so not thrilled with that.