Monday, July 02, 2007

I am

I am an artist. It has taken me almost 20 years to be able to finally use that label. Since school I have dabbled in so many different things only half doing them well that I never felt worthy of that title. I have been writing poetry since elementary school, taught myself guitar, took up photography, pottery, singing and jewelry making in high school. Through college and beyond I still did many of these hobbies in my spare time but I was always jealous of friends of mine who had one direct interest.

Becoming a parent has changed me. It has given me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams and finally see myself as a creative soul. Many people believe that having children will hurt their creative edge. For me it sharpened mine. I now have more drive to embrace my hobbies and own them as my own. I now find creativity in areas I never imagined. Cooking, gardening and home improvements are other areas of home inspired creativity I immerse myself in on a daily basis. Whether it is making homemade pesto from our garden grown basil or painting my front door purple I choose to make my home a place of inspiration through color, design and lots of flowers. All of this feeds my current passion for designing jewelry and also keeps me writing and playing guitar as well.

I am an artist. I choose wear this title with pride. I choose to be whoever I want to be. I choose to never back down from my dreams. I choose to show my children the importance of finding their passion.

I am creative, strong, weak and driven. I want to dream and weep, write and scream, play lost songs to searching souls. I want to raise my sons to be anything but the ordinary. I am a seeker, a dreamer , a dancer in the darkness.

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