Sunday, July 23, 2006

Burlington Council kills breast-feeding initiative

I am disgusted with the fact that where I live recently voted 7 to 6 that the city should not encourage mothers to nurse their babies.

Some councilors said it is not a "core mission" of the city.

I have written a letter in response to the paper. I have also written to my local city council Rep. If you are local you have a voice. Speak out against this stone age decision.

here is the link.

Burlington Council Kills breast-feeding initiative

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Nuclear Mom said...

I am unclear from the article, what the resolution set out to accomplish? I likely just don't have the background to the local issue.

Anyways, I know that Washington and Oregon have been cited as the two most "pro-breastfeeding" states in the US, due no doubt to there being not only community, but state support and legislation regarding breastfeeding. It is such a central issue and I rarely find a woman with a baby, who doesn't breastfeed. I am sure that is due to the acceptance and legislature towards employers to make breastfeeding possible for female employees.

No one breastfed in my family and without the support and encouragement from friends, my doctor and the birthing center nurses, I likely wouldn't have attempted. Without my companies support I probably would not have pumped for a full year.

It really is too bad that there isn't more broad support.