Monday, February 06, 2006

I try to remember

I try to remember who I used to be
Some days I feel like I am losing me
I have so many roles that I have to play
It would be so easy to walk away

Freedom is so easy to take for granted
The childless see things oh so slanted
I can recall the days of simple jest
Now all I pray for is a little rest

Take your freedom and fling it
I don't want to hear your moans
Of 2:00am jaunts and your tired groans
I am’ a kick ass girl livin in an ass kickin' world
I just want to believe / in something.

Music was always my inspiration
I still turn to it when I am frustrated
Or when I need to close my eyes and swim
Through an ocean of indie rock musical films

My dream is still strong
Despite that fact it has taken this long
For me to pick up my pen and write again.
Now that the momentum is flowing
I will try to keep going
And not lose site of the powers within.

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