Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sal is 4 months!

Sal is 4 months old today! How can this be? People always tell you when you have a baby to cherish every moment because they grow so fast. This advice is so true but even more so when you have the second child. I feel like I missed the early infant days. Not because I was sleep deprived (well I was) but also because I was chasing around a 4 year old and couldn't focus all my attention on the baby. Having two is wonderful but so different. I cherish my nighttime nursing sessions with Sal because it is the only time we get to spend alone. It is nice to have that special time with him.

He is doing so well. Rolling over rather quickly from back to front but not yet the opposite. His little personality is starting to come out. He did get his first cold this week. Poor little guy. He is doing much better today though. It was a short and quick one at least. His eyes are getting big like Enzo's. I love watching him change each day. I love being a mom. It totally rocks.

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