Monday, September 26, 2005

night time/down time/no time/me time

The babe has been waking during the night. I am feeling like I did in the early weeks again. I hope he is just hitting a growth spurt or something. Enzo was just so easy. We would put him down and that was that. You knew he was down for the night. Sal is a bit more unpredictable these days. He is in our room still and it seems like every time I go to climb into bed and shut my eyes he wakes up 30 minutes later. I am talking like this happens every night now. It really was just last night but I feel like it has been going on for weeks.

Every night we say we will go to bed early and every night we stay up too late. It is just so hard to retire early even though I am exhausted. After both kiddies go down it is about 8:30ish. Then it is time to clean up the toys and all the messes around the house and make lunches for the next day. It is after 9:00 before I can sit down on the couch and stare blankly at the TV or computer because my mind is so numb from the day. Two hours later John and I realize we are in the same room together (kind of joking) and we start talking until it is 11:00 and we say to ourselves how we really need to go to bed earlier.

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