Saturday, March 01, 2008

New name - same but different game

I have been struggling between two blogs. I started this one when I first became a mother 6 years ago. It started out as a place for me to write about my struggles with juggling the new role I had as mother while trying to save space for my creative being. As the years went by and my family has grown, so has my creativity. After the birth of my second child came the birth of my craft business, the decision to quit my full time job and build a new structure around full time parenting and part time business entrepreneur. Just as my life has changed so has my interests in writing. I created a separate blog for my crafting business thinking I would try to separate that side of my brain from this one. What I have found is that they cannot be separated. I am one. I would not be the mother I am without my creativity. I would not be the artist and business owner I am today if I wasn't a mother. They both consume me, empower me, move me.

I have decided to change the name of this blog to upon being. upon being has been a phrase that I have used from time to time for short periods over the years in various online outlets but it never felt like the right fit anywhere until now. It was the clear choice to me when trying to pick a new name.

For the most part the themes on this blog will not change. The main themes will be around natural family living, craft, music, art, design, and books. I will no longer be keeping two separate blogs. I feel lighter already.

The url will not change but please if you have my blog listed on yours could you update the name from Mamaspeak to upon being?



hk said...

YAY! I love the new name and the one stop shopping. I think the new name is more inclusive to people without children, but who love to read your thoughts and see your projects. Happy March!

erinn said...

it looks beautiful! well done mama!

Nuclear Mom said...

Cool! Nice refreshing changes - not that you needed them, but it came together nicely.

I will update your title next time I update my site - might be a little bit though as I am swamped!