Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Resusable Bags - Fashion & Function

If you thought carrying around a reusable cloth shopping bag had to be a fashion nightmare think again. Not all the bags are white cotton or hemp. These stylish and colorful reusable bags from Baggu are anything but ordinary.

You can buy in packs of one, three and six. You can pick your own colors and add a storage sack to your order too. Stuff them all in the storage sack and away you go.

Find these bags at Baggu

Some facts on plastic bags from the baggue website

PLASTIC BAGS & THE PLANET The average family brings home 1,000 bags every year. Most of those bags end up in land fills. That really adds up - 100 billion plastic bags are sent to landfill in the US each year.

In landfills, it can take up to 1000 years for a bag to decompose. Plastics don't biodegrade, they photo-degrade, breaking down into tiny toxic pieces that contaminate soil and water or harm wildlife.

Every time you use your Baggu bag instead of plastic or paper you are doing something Good.


Nuclear Mom said...

Way cuter than the ones Hans bought at Costco the other day!

hk said...

wow those are really cute! I'm tempted to buy the big pack and just use other people's plastic bags for poop bags. Then I'm just reusing and also reducing myself.

But I kind of want to find some handmade ones...that would be the best of all worlds. Reuseable, maybe even find some from old fabrics, and handmade!!

hk said...

ooh I found some!

hk said...

ahh crap I can't get it to work. Well anyhow if you search etsy there are some there. :) sorry to clog up your comments!!

rockergirrl said...

thanks for the tips hk. I started making some too. Read about it here.