Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tea for me, tea for you

My husband and I are huge tea drinkers. I used to be a coffee drinker before kids. Something happened to my body after having children and it cannot handle caffeine the way it used to. There is something about the simple act of making tea that I love so much. It is slow process that makes your body and mind slow down as well. The process of brewing the tea, then letting it steep, and lastly sitting and enjoying a cup or two. I find that even in the middle of a busy day it is what I can make for myself and enjoy a few times a day as a way to quiet my mind. My ritual so far is to have a cup of chamomile or orange tea in the morning with honey, some type of sweet & spicy variety like Good Earth or Celestial Seasonings Belgian Spice. Then at night I have a lemon ginger type. I have always wanted to get into using bulk loose teas. There is a wonderful company in Vermont called Love & Tea that makes awesome loose teas. We tried using tea balls but we were never really happy with them. I had been eyeing some wonderful ceramic tea pots that have a built in tea infuser that sits in the pot. The concept is you boil the water for your tea in a different pot and then pour the water into this ceramic pot that contains the loose tea, let it steep and then you have a nice little pot to put on the table and serve tea from.

So when trying to decide what to get my husband for Christmas this year I came across one at a local store and thought it would be a perfect gift. I chose to get one made by Bee House that looked like this

I was very excited about my gift. I would him some orange tea from Love & Tea to go with it and wrapped it all up.

Chrismas morning came and he gave me my present. I was suprised beyond belief when I opened it and found that he had also thought of the same idea and bought me a tea pot. It was a different version. He chose one made by For Life. Same color though. I actually almost got this same one for him This is the one he got me.

We laughed so hard over this. How funny. We were not sure if we should keep them both at first but we have since decided to do so. The one I got him is a bit smaller. It holds about 2 mugs where the one he got me holds about 4 so we thought they would both be useful. So now here we sit, sick as dogs, sipping lovely tea and trying to heal.

happy health to all. drink more tea.

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Nuclear Mom said...


We love tea too. My favorite is an herbal citrus variety from Revolution Tea. I keep talking about wanting a tea pot, not just a kettle (which I do love my kettle for boiling water), but a pot like you both got for steeping the tea.