Tuesday, December 04, 2007

blog break

I won't be around much this week. I just found out I have walking pneumonia. I haven't been this sick in a very long time. I pushed myself way too far. I don't know what happened to me. I was the poster child for slowing down and taking care of yourself when sick. My life changed two months ago when I took on this 20 hr a week job while staying home with my kids, plus running my jewelry business and getting ready for three holiday craft shows. I just kept going thinking I was getting better and now here I am on bed rest. I am not good at just laying back while my JB does everything. He has been amazing. Taking care of the kids, the house and trying to get his work done at night. I have had to zip my lips when dinner is late and bedtime is later. I am too sick to care and it feels awesome. I think he actually likes being able to just do things his way for once. So i got some drugs today and my orders to stay in bed. JB got me a pile of magazines and I watched a movie on the laptop while laying in bed today. It was nice today but I know I will be going stir crazy by tomorrow. At this point I just want to feel normal again. I am pissed at myself for letting this happen. I took on way too much and my body bit back to say no more.

I am taking a much needed rest and won't be blogging this week.

talk soon



Nuclear Mom said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds awful.

Take care of yourself. And let JB take care of you and the kids. You have a good husband!

Stacie said...

Sorry to hear that you are not well. Good job on the Bazaar!!! You and Sara did up another awesome one. I hope that it keeps going on even if Sara ends up leaving. Take care and get better soon! Stacie

MamaC said...

I'm sorry to hear you are so sick. Man, that sucks. Take care Kacey! I still would love to get together sometime...when you are much better of course! Maybe after the new year.