Sunday, December 17, 2006

traditions old and new

I love the holidays. Especially now that I have children. Children bring back the magic of Christmas for me. I can now relive those magical moments through the excitement of my kids. Being far away from our families is hard on us though. We hold onto family traditions that JB and I had in our families and we are starting to create new ones. Here are a few I would like to share.

1. Both JB and I were given some of our childhood tree ornaments when we got married. We love pulling out our box of tree decorations each year. We open each one and hang it on the tree with stories to tell each other. It is nice to have little bits of our childhood to add to the magic of our tree. My mother always got us an new decoration with our names and the year on it. At the time it didn't mean much. Now it means the world to have these and I have started the same tradition with my kids.

2. Christmas morning we let the kids open their stockings and then we stop to make a big breakfast of eggs or pancakes before we sit down to open all the gifts. This tradition came from JB's family. With his family being so far away it is nice to do things that help him feel a bit closer to them.

3. Each year the company we work for (ok I know I don't work there anymore but I can't stop saying it) has a kids holiday party. It starts at the end of the work day and they have pizza, snacks, a craft room and of course santa comes for a visit. It is such a big event now. The company has grown so much so there are a ton of families who come to this. We don't take Enzo to the mall or anywhere else to see Santa so he now looks forward to this party each year as his time to give Santa his Christmas list. The one he made that I posted below made it into the hands of this Santa.

3. A tradition from my family is letting the kids open up one small gift on Christmas Eve.

4. For the second year in a row now we have gone to a holiday gathering at our neigbors house. They are wonderful neighbors and we feel lucky they have chosen to include us in their yearly tradition of getting together with friends to share a meal. They have been doing this since their children were small since so many of them have family out of town. Since we do too it is nice to be surrounded by others in our situation. Their children are grown now but they still get together each year.

5. This brings me to #5. This year will be the first that I do the above with some of my close friends. Two of our close sets of friends live just a few streets away from us. One has a 6 month old and the other couple is about to give birth to their first child in the next few weeks. We will be getting together this week for our first holiday potluck. Our hope is to make this a new tradition for all of us.

6. Baking. My children and I love baking together. I love nothing more than to bake bread and cookies to give to friends during the holiday season.

I hope you enjoy what ever traditions you have for your holiday season.



Nuclear Mom said...

Great traditions. We also do the one gift on Christmas eve. When I was a kid it was invariably pajamas, except for the rare occasion my mom confused gifts. I have stuck with the pajama tradition.

We also started an ornament collection for Leif the year he was born. I buy a nice ornament for him every year and Hans engraves it with his initials and the year. Someday when he has a home of his own we will give them all to him.

rockergirrl said...

yes we do the ornament tradition too. it is so nice. That is what I had meant by saying decorations. It means so much to me to have mine from my childhood. It will be nice to do the same for our kids.