Thursday, December 14, 2006

Must have children's music

Music is big in our house. I play the guitar. My kids both have guitars plus a large basket filled with various musical instruments. JB and I are both huge music fans and have a large collection of all kinds of artists. Although we play all kinds of music in our house there are times the kiddies require kid specific music. We have had few in our collection that we break out from time to time. Unfortunately they tend to be quite annoying. The ones we have at least.

Until now . . .
Justin Roberts writes songs that kids love and adults love to listen to. He has a soothing voice, lyrics that kids relate to but are not dumb and melodies that hook even a music fan like me. Justin knows how to write a catchy song and he has caught our family. We are fans for life now.

Start out with Great Big Sun. This was our first CD that we purchased about a year ago. This CD is highly addictive.

I am pushing this guy because I think he is a wonderful musician and a great alternative to the normal children's music. If you have any opportunity to see him play live in your area - go. I am trying like mad to get him to come to my town now.

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Rockosaurus said...

Oh, do I have a CD that's perfect for you and your kids. Check out
The Big Bang! by Rockosaurus Rex

I'll definitely check out Justin Roberts too.