Monday, July 20, 2009

Every spring my in-laws come for a visit from Alaska. My father in-law is usually in need of a project to work on so for this visit we suggested helping us paint the lattice work that surround my back deck. We spent about an hour painting before deciding to just rip down all the lattice walls instead for a more open feel. We are always talking about how beat up our deck is and in desperate need for new boards. the kids can't even walk on them barefoot for fear of splinters. My father in-law (the true DIY master) suggested later that day that we give the deck a face lift by prying up the existing boards, flipping them over and reattaching them. Brilliant!

The boards were put in with old nasty nails in need of being removed anyway so our plan was to use deck screws this time to attach the boards. Our only cost in this project was about $30 - $40 in deck screws and the cost of a new crow bar to replace my neighbors which we broke.

painting the lattice walls before deciding to rip them down.

tearing down the lattice walls.

ripping up the old boards. yes we actually pulled up each board, flipped it over and reattached them.


figuring out what boards to put where.


The boards were not perfect on the flipped side but they were in a lot
better condition than the side we had been using. A little bit of
stain and they look brand new. It was a lot of work but so worth it.
I love that the whole family worked on this together and that we saved
a lot of money and lumber.

a full set of pictures can be found here.

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