Thursday, September 25, 2008

Motivating ones self while working from home can be a tricky thing. I don't have a very typical job and it doesn't have any certain tasks that I must perform each day but I still need to organize, prioritize, and get things accomplished. Now that the boys are in school I have a small window of opportunity to have child free work time each day. The window is very small. 2 hours and 45 minutes to be exact. Since I decided to have a third child this summer (aka the dog) that window actually becomes 2 hours since he requires a trip to the dog park each morning. So 2 hours to myself. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I try to pick one day each as my errand day. On this day I don't come home after dropping the kids off and just head right into town to do errands. I also try to pick one friend day each week. This day includes meeting a friend for coffee or some other activity following school drop off. So that leaves me on average 3 days to stay home during those two morning hours and focus.

The time is usually spent on the computer. I am not currently doing any web consulting work (hint hint) so my jewelry and book business is my main focus. I can usually be found taking pictures of products, listing products, promoting products all morning long. It is amazing how much time and effort this takes. My online marketing includes:

*my own website
*my web shop on smashing darling
*my barefoot books website
*various parenting social networking sites that I blog on
*my blog

For all of these I need to upload pictures, write descriptions, update banners, widgets, promote new products, offer specials etc. This in iteself is a full time job. Which is why the 2 hours I get in the morning each day doens't cut it and this is why I am on and off the computer all day performing these tasks. Social network marketing maybe free but it sure does come with a pricetag.

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Nuclear Mom said...

You are so right. 2 hours is NOT much time at all. But it is precious time and you are doing a great job or organizing it.

Leif routinely has birthday parties on the weekends. I love it when Hans takes him to parties and I stay home while Skadi naps. Love that time.