Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Woman kicked off Burlington Flight for Breastfeeding

Read the story here.

I hope Freedom Airlines (Delta) gets blasted for this one.

When will the American culture change? It is acceptable for the female body to be exposed as long as it is for the pleasure of a man. If a boob is seen as anything else the people suddenly feel offended as the stewardess of this airline said. Offended because someone won't cover up their babies head while nursing? Aren't there more offensive things to get in a tizzy about? Pornography, Hooters, strip clubs, excessive violence against women, global warming, the war in Iraq, President Bush, gun control - I mean come on now.

I have had enough.


Anonymous said...

Hooters and strip clubs require that a person choose to go to them. On a plane, I have no choice and breast-feeding is an invasion in the same way that farting, smelly feet or talking loudly is.

rockergirrl said...

I respect your opinion but I cannot imagine how breastfeeding a child can be seen as an invasion. But that is just my opinion and we are both allowed to have ours.

BUT - Vermont is one of the thirty seven states allow mothers to breastfeed in any public or private location. That is the law. Not an opinion.

That woman had her rights taken away from her.

rockergirrl said...

just in case anyone is interested in the VT law:

Vt. Acts, Chap. No. 117 (2002) finds that breastfeeding a child is an important, basic and natural act of nurture that should be encouraged in the interest of enhancing maternal, child and family health. The law allows a mother may breastfeed her child in any place of public accommodation in which the mother and child would otherwise have a legal right to be. The law directs the human rights commission to develop and distribute materials that provide information regarding a woman's legal right to breastfeed her child in a place of public accommodation. (S.B. 156)

Anonymous said...

there are so many ways things to call out the first commenter's idiocy i'm not sure where to begin.

first of all, you equate breastfeeding and strip clubs, and they are totally different. breastfeeding is a personal act, and is not done for show. and for the record, the woman was in the window seat, with her husband in the middle, so any other people would have had to look through him to even see anything.

secondly, you certainly do have a choice to ride on a plane. air travel is not a privilege. you pay to get a seat, just like everyone else.

thirdly (and this is where you prove that you are so stupid i can't believe i am even wasting time replying to you), you equate breastfeeding with...farting? so you think people who fart should be escorted off of airplanes?

you have obviously never tried to raise a breastfed child and never ridden on an airplane. please go back to your private fantasyland and leave the real world to those of us with brains.