Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Gentle Giant

Who are you?
A child I do not recognize.
Larger than life eyes
Where did you get those eye lashes?
Your hands are so big now
They look like boy hands -
No longer the little baby hands
that used to squeeze my fingers in their tiny grasp
and play wit my black rubber bracelets as you nursed.

Your toes - the first perfect pair of feet I had ever seen.
I could have kissed them forever.
Except now they look so long
and they are starting to smell like boy feet
instead of baby like and sweet.

There are other tiny hands and feet
that have taken your place.
But they are not yours
When I first saw them I thought
"These are not Enzo's hands and feet. They are not as cute. How could I love them as much?"

Now I realize that they could never be yours because they belong to Sal.
Yours will always be my first - so little and pure - soft and smooth.
Now I have Sal's to pamper and kiss.
I only hope I can help them to one day be as big and strong as yours.

I love you my gentle giant.
You will always be my baby.

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